Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Another Animated Adventure: Managing Estimates

I am very verbose. You probably already knew that. By the 10th one of these I create, it'll be 2 hours and only my Dad will watch it because he's obligated to do so.

This one attempts to capture why having a manager is important. In this specific case, it's so upper management doesn't assume the "seemingly" possible impossible. There are a lot of additional side conversations that could have happened--where the manager argues for more specifics on the high priority project, or explains that what the upper manager thinks is quick dev work really never is--but in the interest of boring in you en masse only later, after I've gotten you to watch a few more, I skipped those.


  1. Love the cartoon! I hope that some executives and new managers will check this out. One request--Can your manager have pointy hair next time?